English naruto Ninja 7-9 comic Number 55-87 Number

English naruto Ninja 7-9 comic Number 55-87 Number

  1. naruto vol.7 Number55-Number63

    H 12年 50~

  2. Cooperation

    Sound Ninja team hurt Miss. Sakura. Miss. Ino saw her.
    Ino could not see sakura hurt by Sound Ninja team.
    Miss. Ino, Mr. Shikamaru, Mr. Chyouji are standing with them back in fromt of Miss. Sakura.
    So, Ino team covered naruto, sasuke, sakura team.
    But Ino team struggled against Sound Ninja team.
    Ino team was frail ninja team.
    Sasuke waked up. Sasuke raised the ability by mark of the curse.
    He was like a different person. Sound ninja team ran away.

  3. Gaara is strong ninja.

    Gaara uses sand. He manipulates the sand freely. The sand protected him against any weapon.
    His personality was like a killer.

  4. Naruto gets Book of the Heaven.


    By the advice of kabuto, naruto was able to get the two scrolls.
    Why is kabuto kind in naruto?
    kabuto was a spy of Orochimaru.

  5. naruto ninja Vol 8 number64-number72 risk his life


    They opened the two scrolls. Teacher Iruka appeared in front of them.
    Iruka told them to pass the second test.
    The third test begins. But too many members, Preliminary begins.
    Kabuto retired this preliminary.
    Although sauke was tormented by the mark of whammy, he won one of the kabuto group.

    Shino won sound ninja by operating many bugs.
    Kankuro of suna village won by manipulating puppet.
    Ino and sakura were simultaneously striking each other.

  6. naruto ninja Vol 9 number73-87number Mr. Neji vs Miss. Hinata


    Ino and sakura knocked out each other. No winner.

    Miss. temari won tenten.
    Mr. Shikamaru won laday tsuchi.
    Fight with naruto and kiba.
    Kiba thought to win comfortably. He was surprised naruto was strong.
    Kiba used Hyoro-gan, He tried to beat naruto down with akamaru, dog.
    Naruto dodged them attacks. He was thinking another chance.

    Naruto disguised himself as kiba. But kiba’s olfactory is as same as dog.

    Kiba find out naruto, Kiba attacked one of Kiba mes. Kiba thought he was naruto.
    But punched fake’s kiba disguised himself as akamaru dog.
    Kiba thought He punched naruto. But not. So Kiba punched again another kiba.
    Then punched kiba now was akamaru dog.
    Kiba was surprised and curled up naruto’s mission.

    Naruto focused, and then he laid emphasis on a stomach.
    Kiba turned around behind a naruto and was going to set an attack.
    He broak gas. Kiba smelled naruto’s gas, he was shocked.

    Kiba panikked.
    Naruto atacked him in an unguarded moment.

    Miss. hinata vs Mr. neji

    Neji is older than hinata. They are relative family.
    Neji also is strongest his of the same generation.
    Neji holds against The Head family.

    Neji won hinata.

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