New animal cafe was born in Japan /JAPAN NEWS

New animal cafe was born in Japan /JAPAN NEWS

I like animal, cats, dogs. I have not visited a animal cafe yet.
Some cat cafe allow to touch cats, others don’t allow.
If you go to a cat cafe, check rules.

There are some cat cafe to play and look cats in Japan.
You can have a cup of tea and play with cats at a cat cafe.
Its fee is from 1000 to 1800 yen(about $10 to $18) with one drink.

New animal cafe was born in Japan.
It is owl cafe nearby Tsukisima subway station. Its fee is 600 to 800 yen($60 to $80) with one drink.
There are many owls in that cafe. People can touch a owl, They will feel good mind.
The maneger said, “It is easy to take care of a owl. A owl does not sing, not move, same temperature of human, its feeds are frozen rat”
If you buy A owl, its price is expensive, maybe 300,000 yen ($3000) and you need a cage.

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