Do you have emergency gadgets for disaster ?, JAPAN NEWS

Do you have emergency gadgets for disaster ?, JAPAN NEWS

the Great East Japan Earthquake: the Tohoku area earthquake

In Japan, Two years has elapsed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. Since the great earthquake, Japanese people will buy emargency gadgets:Maglite, water, emergency food can, compact toilet, and etc for next desaster.
According to a questionnaire for disaster defense of NIKKEI WOMAN ONLINE, Question is “What do you have for disaster ?”.
The one is Maglite, Flash, 78 %. Second is water, 48%. Third is radio, 46%.
Reading questionnaire, “I will buy maglite later” or “I do not know what to buy any gadgets”. So, What should you have for disaster?

First is water.
After the great earthquake, any aqueduct was destroyed, people did not drink water. And They could not use bathroom. And They coud not make a cook by electric.

Some people could not use bathroom since a week, they carried water from school pool and used toilet.
After earthquake, water polyethylene tank price rose sharply.

NEED food can

After bigger earthquake, people can not use electric kitchen stove and kitchen microwave and so on during a power outage. you need some food cans and water.

NEED battery charger of mobile phone

NEED spare eye glasses