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Thank you for downloading "DONGURI Battle"

1.What is "DONGURI Battle" ?

Some squirrels were baited by some crows some time ago. The squirrels decide to fight with crows. squirrels and crows are fighting now. The fighting begin squirrels and crows. The squirrel throw acorns to crows.


You touch start button. The Game begins.
You touch how to play button. Go to page of how to play.

you will play final stage.

2.How to Play "DONGURI Battle" introduction

you run App "DONGURI Battle".
You operate a squirrel up or down direction by tap, you hit crows with acorns. Some small crow is hit one time, Big crow is hit several times. you need to hit big crow with acorns any time.
3. Sound option, sound on or off button.
next step, you can select sound on or off button.

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